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Vacation and Recreational Areas

Perfectly situated off Highway 101 at milepost marker 124.4, between Lincoln Beach and Depoe Bay, our location serves as your gateway to many vacation and recreational areas. Each area offers a unique blend of exciting activities and stunning natural beauty, promising an unforgettable coastal adventure. Discover the enchanting allure of our surroundings, where every day brings a new opportunity for exploration and relaxation. 

South of Shearwater

Whale Watching

Shearwater, a prime whalewatching location, is just three miles north of Depoe Bay. Renowned marine biologist Carrie Newell offers thrilling whale-watching tours via a zodiac boat. Author of several books on local whales, she also operates a museum south of the Depoe Bay Bridge (milepost marker 128.1) on the harbor side of Highway 101. Additionally, the regional whale center is conveniently located north of the bridge, on the ocean side of Highway 101.

Boiler Bay State Park and Fishing Rock Tide Pools

Fishing Rock Point, located a quarter mile south of Shearwater, offers intriguing tide pools and is just a three-block walk from Jack’s Restaurant on Highway 101 at Fogarty Creek. Further along, you’ll find Boiler Bay State Park (milepost marker 126.4) at the north entrance of Depoe Bay; it’s famed for its tide pools and a shipwrecked boiler visible on the rocks.

Depoe Bay

Depoe Bay, known as the Whale Watching Capital of the World, is home to the Whale Watching Center for the Washington, Oregon, and Northern California coast. This interpretive center is on the sea wall north of the bridge (milepost marker 128.1) on Highway 101 in downtown Depoe Bay. Various notable restaurants are conveniently located within walking distance across the sea wall and along the Depoe Bay harbor, including Thai Bay Restaurant, Tidal Raves, Sea Hag, Spouting Horn, and Mazatlan.

Cape Foulweather

Cape Foulweather, known for its breathtaking views and gift shop, was selected as the site for a Yaquina Lighthouse despite its high elevation above the ocean. Nestled at the cape’s northern base is Restaurant Beck, located a short distance south of Depoe Bay and 5.4 miles from Shearwater. Take the Otter Crest Loop and Rocky Creek Bridge, beginning at milepost marker 129.8 on Highway 101, for a scenic route to the cape.

Lighthouses South of Shearwater

Located south of Shearwater, the Yaquina Head Lighthouse (milepost marker 137.6) and Yaquina Bay Lighthouse (milepost marker 141.9) are standout attractions in Newport, OR. Conveniently situated across from the access road to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse is Szabo’s Restaurantperfect for a meal after your visit.  

Contact for information on park hours, tours, and details on the interpretive stores.  

P.O. Box 410 
Newport, OR 97365

Newport Bay Front

The Bay Front in Newport, located east of the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse and north of the Yaquina Bridge, is bustling with activities. It hosts the active harbor for the Newport Coast Guard and fishing fleet. The area also features restaurants like Rogue Brewer’s and Local Ocean. A quick trip up the Yaquina River takes you to the Oregon Oyster Farm.

South Beach

The southern end of the Yaquina Bridge in Newport hosts several notable attractions. Within proximity are the Oregon State University Marine Science Center, the Oregon Coast Aquarium with its impressive Lucite tunnel showcasing sharks and marine life, and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration Pacific Fleet Headquarters.  

For those seeking aerial views, sightseeing excursions via airplane are available at the Newport Airport on Newport’s south side. Siletz Bay Airport, situated two miles north of Shearwater on Highway 101, offers the same activity.

Sea Lion Caves

The Sea Lion Caves, located at milepost marker 179.3, is 56 miles south of Shearwater and 11 miles north of Florence.

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, marked at milepost 200.8, is located about seven miles south of Florence or roughly 75 miles south of Shearwater. 

North of Shearwater

Salishan Golf Resort, Marketplace, and Day Spa

At milepost marker 122.3, you’ll find the Salishan Golf Resort, Marketplace, and Day Spa. These are perfect spots for a relaxing day trip, complete with a coffee shop and deli.

A brief drive up Immonen Road and a quarter mile past Salishan leads to Mossy Creek Pottery and Gallery. Watch for their sign on Highway 101, northbound from the Marketplace. Near Mossy Creek Pottery is Alder House, known for its glassblowing work. 

Lincoln City

In the Taft Area of Lincoln City at milepost marker 118.0, you can craft your glass float at the Lincoln City Glass Studio, with the Rejuvenation Spa just a block away. 

Spanish Head in Taft provides stunning Pacific Ocean views, best enjoyed from Fathoms Restaurant atop the Inn at Spanish Head. 

The Lincoln City Outlets offer an impressive selection of 54 stores for shopping enthusiasts.

The northern end of the city features Chinook Winds Casino (milepost marker 112.9), accompanied by a golf course, fitness center, and seafood grill (milepost marker 112.0).

Pacific City

The Pacific City dunes at milepost marker 90.4 are just a four-mile journey up the Three Capes Loop. Pacific City is just off Highway 101, nestled on Cape Kiwanda.